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1.   Undergraduate

The undergraduate curriculum is formed around curriculum instruction and learning, and is based on social trends and operation in cultural/educational work. It allows students practicable experience in designing print and digital media.  

(1)          Introduction of Education

(2)          Learning Psychology

(3)          Learning Strategy

(4)          Curriculum Principles and Materials Design

(5)          Cognitive Psychology

(6)          Learning Design and Practice

(7)          Textbook Design and Practice

(8)          Learning Media and Evaluation

(9)          Research Methods Applied In Social Science

(10)     Design for Learning : Project and Internship

(11)     Regulations of Culture and Educational Services

(12)     Management and Marketing for the Cultural and Creative Industry

(13)     Introduction to Design

(14)     Design Drawing

(15)     Introduction of Digital Technology

(16)     Basic Photography

(17)     Computer Graphics

(18)     Color Theory

(19)     Introduction to Internet

(20)     Design Aesthetics

(21)     Principle and Production of Digital Animation

(22)     Visual Communication Design

(23)     Multimedia Technology and Application

(24)     Digital Publishing

(25)     Printing Design: Project and Internship (III)


2.   Master’s

The primary foci of the graduate curriculum are: curriculum and instruction, educational materials and methods in various fields, renewing curricula and educational issues. Curricula and education in urban areas are special features of the master’s program curriculum; theoretical and practical knowledge are equally stressed, as is qualitative and quantitative research.

(1)          Study on Curriculum and Instruction Issues in Urban Areas

(2)          Study on Metropolis Education

(3)          Education Methodology: Curriculum and Instruction Focus

(4)          Advanced Statistical Methods()

(5)          Qualitative Research Methods for Curriculum and Instruction()

(6)          Contemporary Issues on Curriculum and Instruction

(7)          Master’s Thesis

(8)          Independent Study